Tips & Recommendations!

Protect your home and business!
There are several things your can do to help prevent
unwanted pest from returning after a pest control
technician has been to your or business. Here are
just a few tips to help control pest:

  • Trim back shrubs and bushes from against building structures
    This creates a small barrier that can make a difference.
  • Keep food products sealed and up off the floor
    Sounds like common sense but may people forget this one.
  • Stack firewood off the ground
    A small space between firewood and the ground of 6" can reduce pest.
  • Keep all building vents and ducts covered with mesh
    Many pest enter your home or business through broken vent screens.
  • Don't let food, trash, decaying wood, etc. to remain on your property
    These make excellent food sources for unwanted pest.
  • Cover or seal all trash containers
    Simple enough, just check all trash locations and make sure.
  • Weatherize your home or building
    Good weatherization can be an excellent barrier for pest .
  • Keep gutters clean
    Organic material decays and creates food for insects and mosquitoes.
  • Chimney caps or wire mesh over chimneys
    A chimney is usually the largest opening into your home for pest such as squirrels, birds, rodents and other wildlife.

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